Admissions Policies

Students are admitted on the basis of educational background, aptitude and commitment. Summit Salon Academy does not admit ability-to-benefit students.

Admissions Requirements

The following are required for admission to all programs at Summit Salon Academy:

  • Complete and submit an enrollment application.
  • Pay the registration fee.
  • Provide proof of U.S. citizenship or permanent residence status.
  • Provide a copy of a government-issued photo ID.
  • Provide proof of high school completion by submitting a copy of one of the following: (1) a U. S. high school diploma or high school transcript with graduation date. (2) a GED or its recognized equivalent. (3) a home-schooled certificate or transcript that follows the appropriate State requirements and guidelines from the school district where the student was home schooled; or (4) a college diploma or official transcript of college studies. (If any of the documents is from a non-U.S. institution, additional verification of the credential and, if necessary, a certified translation will be required.
  • Interview with the school's admissions director and complete an Academy tour; and,
  • Complete and sign an Enrollment Agreement.

Admissions Process

Applicants are given an Academy tour and undergo an in-depth interview with the admissions director regarding the programs of study and the student services available for students. They are provided with a current Academy catalog and a student handbook that, among other information, contains the code of conduct for students, and consumer information and a campus/neighborhood crime report. The applicant is given ample opportunity to ask any questions he or she may have about the programs, services, or other school-related topics.

Following their visit to the campus and a thorough review by the school of all documents required to determine that admissions criteria have been met, Applicants are notified as to whether they have been accepted for admission. During the admissions process they are notified of the date they should attend the required new-student orientation, class start date and projected graduation date.

Transferability of Summit Salon Academy Credits

The transferability of credits or clock hours to another institution is determined by the receiving institution. It is the student’s responsibility to confirm whether clock hours earned at Summit Salon Academy will be accepted by another institution of the student’s choice.

Transfer of Clock Hours/Credit Hours Policy

Summit Salon Academy will consider accepting clock hours or credits converted to clock hours after carefully evaluating the transfer student’s academic records. The following conditions apply:

  • The course or subject matter for which a student is seeking to transfer clock hours or credit hours must be comparable to courses or subject matter in the curriculum taught by Summit Salon Academy.
  • The student must have earned a grade of 85% or higher for all clock or credit hours he or she is trying to transfer.
  • An official academic transcript reflecting the clock hours or credits earned and being requested for transfer should be sent directly from the former institution to Summit Salon Academy. Alternatively, the Academy will accept a sealed transcript from the former institution delivered by the student. If there is any question as to the validity of a transcript delivered by the student, an official transcript sent directly to the school from the former institution will be required.
  • Students cannot transfer more than 75% of the total clock hours required for a program’s completion. A minimum of 25% of the clock hours required for completion of the academic program must be taken at the Academy.
  • If the clock or converted credit hours are accepted on transfer, the student will be placed into an existing class based on the level of completion recorded on their transcript.
  • Transfer students will pay per clock hour for the remaining hours to fulfil graduation requirements

Each transfer request is evaluated on an individual basis and the decision of the Summit Salon Academy director of education to accept or reject transfer clock hours is final. Transcripts should be provided before the start of a program. If transcripts are provided more than 60 days after the start of a program, they can’t be considered for transfer hours.

Transfer Students Under A Teach-Out Agreement

  1. If Summit Salon Academy has signed a teach-out agreement with another institution, clock or credit hours earned by students from that institution will be accepted according to the terms of the teach-out agreement.
  2. The transfer student will receive credit for the hours, tests and services completed. Their hours will be transferred into the appropriate program, and they will finish out with the remaining hours of the current Summit Salon Academy program.

Transfer Students from a Closed Institution

Previously earned clock or credit hours for students transferring from a closed institution which did not have a teach-out agreement with Summit Salon Academy will be considered under the Transfer of Clock Hours/Credit Hours Policy. It will be the sole responsibility of the transferring student to obtain an official copy of his or her transcript from the closed institution or from the official repository that is permanently storing the closed institution’s academic transcripts.


All programs have a complete orientation for new students before the first day of classes. Attendance at orientation is mandatory.

Books and Kits

All students must purchase the books and supplies kit that are required for their particular program of study. Every student must have the required books and a complete supplies kit in order to begin their studies.

As a recognized and approved cosmetology arts school, Summit Salon Academy is able to buy these items at wholesale prices from suppliers who sell only to licensed professionals and cosmetology colleges. Savings from these purchases are reflected in prices students pay.

Students may elect to purchase their books and supplies kit from a source or sources other than Summit Salon Academy but, as mentioned above, will not be allowed to begin their studies without them. The cost of those materials will vary depending on where the student chooses to buy them. While the Academy cannot say so with any certainty, a reasonable purchase amount may be 15%-25% more than the Academy’s charges.

With one exception, textbooks and kit items are not refundable if purchased through the Academy. If a student cancels his or her enrollment during the cancellation period only and has not opened, used, or damaged the kit or textbook(s) in any way, these items may be refunded. (See the “Cancellation of Enrollment Policy, page 53.)

The Academy reserves the right to change books and kit items as needed. Costs for textbooks and kit items are listed under the cost of tuition and fees for each Program of Study.


Students must wear school-approved black professional apparel and shoes. When students achieve certain levels, they may incorporate gray and white into their approved apparel.

Class Size

To ensure that every student gets the time, attention, and experiences they need during their education and training, Summit Salon Academy limits the class size to 20 students per educator for all programs and limits the salon area to 15 students per educator.

Extra Education

In addition to the curriculum in each program of study, students are given the opportunity to attend and participate in special sessions and lectures given by guest speakers who are highly skilled and widely recognized within their area of expertise. These opportunities are intended to expand and enhance the quality training that students are already receiving in their Summit Salon Academy programs of study.


As detailed in the “Certification of Graduation Policy”, no student will be certified as a graduate until all clock hours required for his or her program of study have been completed. Additionally, the student must have completed all required services and exams and must have fulfilled all financial obligations to the school. When all these requirements are met, the student is eligible to be awarded a diploma.